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UltimateRPA Changelog

[4.5.2] - 2020-01-20

New functionalities

Minor changes and bug fixed

  • Scheduler - fixed compatibility issues with Microsoft Task Scheduler.

[4.5.1] - 2019-09-06

New functionalities

  • Robot – adds support for "PAUSE" key (send_key)
    • Allows using "PAUSE" key when controlling an application
  • Robot - new methods find_first_left_to, find_first_up_to, find_first_down_to added to urpa.AppElement class and adjustment of parameters and behavior to be consistent with other similar methods in urpa.App class (added parameter step and width/height)
    • Allow new way to control object within an application
  • Robot - added function urpa.set_screen_resolution to set Workstation screen resolution
    • Allows setting of required screen resolution to eliminate errors in case the system automatically change original screen resolution for any reason
  • Robot - added timeout after disconnecting remote desktop (to active desktop)
    • Eliminates errors during the run after the user logs out from robotic workstation through remote desktop application
  • Robot - added attribute urpa.__version__
    • Allows obtaining UltimateRPA tools version and e.g. limiting the script to run only with specific version

UltimateRPA GitHub was created and offers additional libraries that may be used within robotic script. UltimateRPA GitHub is available here. Automation developers are welcomed to join us and collaborate.

Minor changes and bug fixed

  • Robot – when adding text to clipboard CF_LOCALE is also set with value based on keyboard layout (set_clipboard_text)
  • Robot - better error description for "ConnectToConsoleSession error"
  • Robot – minor enhancement and bug fixing at parent method
  • Robot - fixed error message text after unsuccessfully switching the desktop
  • Robot - fixed wrong name of App.find_first_*_to parameter
  • Robot - fixed of releasing UIA elements
  • Robot - fixed app crash during resize_tp_window when desired element was not found. Currently ElementNotFoundError exception is called out
  • Robot - fixed situation when robot do not create log during find_all
  • Scheduler - fixed situation when Scheduler cannot find Robot.exe in case "Robot directory" is not defined
  • Scheduler - Fixed situation when queue is started multiple times, several texts fixed in toolbar
  • Scheduler - Fixed "Cannot assign process to job object: Access denied."
  • Scheduler - Fixed situation when scheduled task may have stopped under certain conditions after the process was finished, fixed missing process name in log under certain conditions
  • Scheduler - Fixed app crash in case defined day exception does not match actual date

[4.5.0] - 2018-10-5

Python library update

  • Python libraries have been updated (Python 2.7 -> Python 3.7).
  • Methods from the urpa package support keyword arguments:

Microsoft Excel support extension

Searching methods for applications and elements improved

  • In Inspector, in the AppElement tab it is now possible to filter elements in the tree depending on whether they are available (whether they respond to a mouse click) or not by using the Enabled attribute.
  • The method parent has been added to the class AppElement. This method can be used to look up, in a tree, the element that is its parent.
  • In application searches via find_first_app, it is now possible to use a regular expression in the application name.

New features in the Inspector

  • The visual transformations dialog box now includes a preview of the part of the application where the selected transformations are applied.
  • The AbsPos and FromAppEle values are continuously updated in Inspector as the mouse moves over the screen, not after it has been clicked.