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The UltimateRPA toolkit


Figure 1 Inspector application icon

UltimateRPA Inspector is a tool designed to analyze the graphical interface of an application on which robot works. It is the primary tool used for the creation of robotic scripts for an UltimateRPA Robot.

With UltimateRPA Inspector, a Python expression that uses the urpa module, can be created to identify a GUI element in the graphical interface of an application.

Inspector tutorial

Inspector user guide


Figure 2 Robot application icon

UltimateRPA Robot is a software robot that allows you to simulate real user activity in a Microsoft Windows environment.

UltimateRPA Robot's fundamental principle is based on the performance of user activities over any application according to a robotic script created in Python 3.7.

Robot userguide


Figure 3 Scheduler application icon

UltimateRPA Scheduler is a scheduling tool used for the automated running of robotic scripts at pre-defined times or intervals.

Scheduler tutorial

Scheduler userguide


Figure 4 PyScripter application icon

PyScripter is a professional and easy-to-use development environment for the Python programming language that lets you run a written script.

PyScripter tutorial

Tutorial Launcher

Figure 5 Tutorial Launcher application icon

The Tutorial Launcher tool is used to run examples of robotic processes easily.

Tutorial Launcher

Tutorial apps

Figure 6 Tutorial Apps applications icon

UltimateRPA toolkit includes applications that you can find in the TutorialApps directory. These applications serve to explain the features of UltimateRPA and to illustrate various situations and problems while controlling applications via an UltimateRPA robot.


Figure 7 Lock application icon

Application Lock is used to lock the desktop.

Robotization on locked desktop