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Basic controls


PyScripter is a professional and easy-to-use development environment for the Python programming language that lets you run a written script. PyScripter can be used to develop and debug a robotic script. However, you are also free to use other applications to develop robotic scripts.

Running the development environment

Use the PyScripter.exe file in the UltimateRPA Tools directory to run the PyScripter development environment included in the UltimateRPA toolkit.

Figure 1 PyScripter.exe application icon

Opening a script

A Python script that has already been created can be opened by using the File menu button and selecting Open.

Figure 2 Menu File -> Open

In the newly opened window, select the required .py file containing the Python script.

Running the robot

If you have opened the script and want to run the robot, simply press ALT + F9 or select Run from the menu and then the External Run option.

Figure 3 Menu Run -> External Run

Console information

After the robot has been run, you can see its current operation, or the result of the running script, at the bottom of the Output window. If the script has reached the end correctly, the following final ExitCode is displayed: 00000000.

Figure 4 Script successfully finished

If an error occurs, a classic Python standard error listing is displayed.

Figure 5 Error during script processing

Ending a script

If the robot ends up in a loop or needs to be closed prematurely, right-click the Output window where the robot activity is listed, select Running Process and then Terminate. Alternatively, you can press CTRL + ALT + T to stop the running robot.

Figure 6 Manual termination of script processing