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Robotics on a locked desktop

Setting a script to run on a locked desktop

When robotizing on a remote desktop, you need to ensure that, during your absence, no unauthorised person changes the station settings or carries out any other activity that could interfere with the environment or the running of the robot itself. This is why the UltimateRPA toolkit includes a Lock application, which behaves similarly to the Windows lock itself, the difference being that the desktop remains accessible to the robot.

Figure 1 Lock icon.

Lock application

Run the Lock application simply by clicking on the Lock.exe icon in the UltimateRPA directory. Running Lock immediately locks the desktop, and the sign-in dialog box to unlock the desktop is displayed. The desktop unlock password is the same as the user password of the Windows system user that ran the Lock application.

Figure 2 Lock sign-in dialog box.

Setting a script to run on a signed-out desktop

For the robot to work properly on a signed-out desktop, we recommend that you set the parameter bring_to_foreground to True at the beginning of the main function. This parameter, which enables the robot to switch to the foreground despite the signed-out desktop, ensures the proper functioning of hardware interactions and visual tests.

import urpa
def main():