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Tutorial Launcher


This application provides an initial introduction to UltimateRPA. It provides an easy way for you to try out simple robotics and examine the Python source code. Tutorial Luancher is in the UltimateRPA Tools folder and it is run by TutorialLauncher.exe file.

Figure 1 TutorialLauncher.exe application icon

Application description

The application is vertically split into two parts. On the left, there is an overview of the robotic scripts that can be run in Tutorial Launcher. On the right, there is a short description of each of the robotic scripts. Below the description, there are two buttons to control the application. The Open button opens the tutorial source code in Pyscripter. The Run button transfers the robotic script to the UltimateRPA robot, which immediately begins to execute it. The application allows you to choose the language of the tutorial at the top of the window.

Figure 2 Tutorial Launcher application window